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Converter USB<->TTL

With this converter you can connect device with TTL transmission to PC, ex. module MDL02 or (almost) every evolution board (I've checked with STM32-Discovery series).

  • size: 39 x 14 x 8mm
  • power: 5V z USB (mini-USB)
  • it creates virtual serial port on PC
  • connectors: (goldpins 2.54mm)
    • power (select by jumper: 5V from USB or 3V (max 50mA for 3V))
    • TxD/RxD (select by jumper: full-duplex or half-duplex on one wire)
    • ground
  • LED controls:
    • power: yellow led
    • logged in PC: blue led
    • data out (Tx): read led
    • data in (Rx): green led

Copyright 2009-2013 Paweł Konarski