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SD card module with FAT support
Projekt został zawieszony.

SD card module allow to fast and easy add SD/MMC card support in you device.
Basic features:
  • communication interfaces: 1xUART, 1xUART/SPI
  • supported cards: SD/MMC
  • supported formats: FAT12/FAT16/FAT32
  • maximum size: up to 32GB
  • power: 5V
  • size: 43.6 x 36.5 x 8.5mm
  • weight: 8g (without card)
Exact functions of device depends on firmware. First program which is available allow to manupulate files on card (throught UART) and fast register data to files (by SPI):
  • create/delete/rename files
  • write/read data
  • diagnostics, like: format card, check card size, check file size, check free size
  • fast write throught SPI interface (up to 500kB/s bulk write)
  • special "easy" mode where module create files on it' own and signal (specjal pin) externally that it can receive data (throught UART or SPI); module can also close current and automatically create new file (you can setup max file size); situations like "no free space on card" or "user pull out card" are supported, in both situations module can peserve data integrity;
  • it has two leds - and you can setup how and in which situations module light them (especially - you can control them by UART)
Whole configuration is made by text file on card. You have to create one, put on card and it's all - module automatically read configuration after start.
There are other firmware versions which will be available soon:
  • 1: FW to register data from 2 UARTs (for example: to register data transmission between some devices)
  • 2: Emulator of thermal printer (Esc/P protocol) and writing to file received data (save RAW data or formated -like on paper-)
Module has internal non-volatile memory to save it's data. There is about ~60kB which can be used by user (throught UART).

Additional photos:

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