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Agilent MSO ScreenGrab
It's simple program for downloading screenshots from Agilent (Keysight) MSO/DSO 2000 scopes (it may works also with other models).
  • taking screenshots
  • auto save images
  • insert current date/time and comment to image
  • change input names (analog and digital)
  • change background color to white
  • replace logo
Program needs VISA software (from Agilent website).

How to replace logo:
Put 2 bitmaps to program directory:
  • logo_black.bmp (black background)
  • logo_white.bmp (white background)
(size: 135x38 pixels)
And in program select Options->Replace logo.

WARNING! TO use program you have to setup scope address (ex "USB0::0x0957::0x1797::MY53400281::0::INSTR"). You can read address from scope (from menu) or in Keysight Connection Expert program (you'll have it after installation VISA drivers).
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